Friday, April 04, 2008

Sometimes it just rains...

There were times when the world just seemed perfect. There are the days when all people want to do is laugh and be merry. There are the times when you sit on a table and all the chaps talk about are the good ol times. It’s like sleeping through the night as the raindrops ruffle the feathers of your rooftop as the wind gently eases the droplets over our terrain. As the heavens hasten to shower our humble homes, you lay snugly tucked in bed comforted by the security of being home and surrounded by love.

But somehow they never do last, do they? Somehow the peace and serenity will come to an end. Somehow, just somehow, there’s something up ahead that isn’t all peace, love and harmony. The warmth and comfort will never be there forever and deep down inside, as much as we conjure it up in our dreams, it’ll just never last. Somehow, you just seem to have some karma to fulfill.

As much as we’d love to accept and roll with the good times, we have to accept and endure the bad times. One of Newton’s Laws states that “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. Ever wondered how this term applies in our everyday lives? Ever pondered whether there’s a reason for all that bad luck and crappy situations? Or maybe we’re just victims of god’s cruel games!

Fair enough, if it is that the big man’s out for our blood, how come is it that all we come up with in response is to sit around and whine about it? Why can’t you change your bloody luck? Why can’t you put an end to the rot and emerge to take on the world? When the good times are rolling, you sure as hell not complaining bout all the good luck! When the good times are rolling, it’s not even good luck, it’s the “I’m the blessed child” or the “I deserve this” routine. We will always come across adversaries, mountains, idiots, and an exhausting list of daft fools who are all out to make your life a miserable cold, damp hellhole.

There will be the times when the whole world’s out for your blood. There’ll be times when all you stare at for long periods are mountains, with no hope of knowing what’s on the other side. Some days the weather will never be fine. There’ll be times when everything will go wrong from spilling coffee on the presentation paper due in the morning that you spent all of two sleepless weeks preparing to your car breaking down in the midst of a thunderstorm right smack in the middle of a jam. From breakups to thrashing your dad’s antique car, the list is exhaustingly endless. In the epicenter of all this chaos is you! Right smack in the middle of what seems to be a bloody war zone. What do you do? Pack up shop on life and take a plunge? It’s a choice as is everything in your existence. The trick is to never give up hope. Never ever stop trying or wanting! As you grow, you learn from the bad and apply it to the good. In the end you come out of these thunderstorms a better man, a much wiser man too. Just trust your instincts and stick it there. Everything balances out.

Don’t ever let your problems get bigger than yourself. Remember, no matter how big your problems, you are a bigger man. You’ll always be stronger than adversaries or tragedies. As we trudge along our respective paths, we have but one powerful weapon to counter anything thrown onto our path, hope. Don’t ever lose it. Don’t ever want to never stand up again.

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