Friday, April 04, 2008

This way to Suckeyville...

You take a walk anywhere and you begin to wonder, maybe they are right, maybe the world is going to the dogs. But then you look in the mirror and standing right in front of you is a model of this system, a system that stands to suffocate you till you lie in your deathbed with regret. You toil everyday in anticipation that this sweat will lead you onto a plateau of fairytales, but at the back of your mind you refuse to believe in fairytales.

If I seem to indulge in many a metaphor, pardon my sense of irony.

I’ve come across many people content on toiling day and night, suffocating the bonds of family and friendship, in lure of the “promised land”. Breathless weeks of toil eventually result in a burnout and you lumber down to a walking wreck. Its fine to toil in one direction, but it seems as we pursue goals afar, we toil aimlessly. I’m not saying that its wrong to be a “I’ve gotta work like a bitch” freak, but I think it’s wrong if you ain’t got direction. Doesn’t everything need justification?

Why are we afraid of just bloody stopping on our tracks to freaking think! There aren’t too many excuses that you can conjure up to your depressed 40-year-old self you know. Do what you have to do, but always understand that there are lines to draw. If not for the world, then for the sake of you sanity! If people see no boundaries then they know there’s no boundary to push you over!

If you think you’re doing such a great job, then why the hell are you afraid of the next dude your boss hired. Of course, he’s there so that you’ll be on your bloody toes! But being on your toes doesn’t mean flipping out and pulling out all stops to be employee of the month. There are people who’s worlds revolve around you, there are places that will take your breath away, there are gorgeous people who need to be swept away and there’s still so much alcohol to consume!

I know it hints at a damned revolution to overthrow the corporate world. I’m not asking you to quit your job and go backpacking around the world nor move in with the hot chick next door. All I’m saying is bloody live a little, give time for your sanity to breathe again.

Someone told me recently that people will never change. The meek will always be meek and be taken advantage of. Maybe as a rebel with revolutionary tendencies, I’ll never agree that a man can never grow beyond his walls of despair or escape the chains that bound him to slavery. I honestly think that you can change if you truly want to. Some people are born with courage, while some acquire it over time and yet there are some that will build empires with courage they found yesterday.

Men need only one reason to cry yet you seek countless reasons to do yourself a favour. It isn’t about building tomorrow, its about building a better tomorrow.

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